WE ARE SKEP360! Your International Division!!!

We are a protective capsule for brands from South and Central America who want to enter the American Market.

We assist the brands to enter the American market with the goal of reaching the Global market. That’s it. That’s our purpose. How we do it, however, always changes depending on what the client needs.

SKEP360 looks at each project individually, focusing on where it is and how it can move forward, at times providing a punctual one off service, at times helping plan and execute the entire expansion project, coordinating all aspects and executing daily tasks to guarantee it all runs smoothly.

We are able to do this because we don’t see ourselves as service provider to our clients, but as part of their team, their international division operating on American soil. We are always thinking about the brand’s goals and dreams, looking out for any opportunities that come along the way and excited to see each client succeed.

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Is our vision for an incubator and hub made to nurture Latin brands looking to expand internationally, offering them logistical support and a tangible entrance to the American Market. We seek to create an opportunity for Latin designers to showcase their brands in a modern and cooperative space, where they are showcasing not only theyr pieces but also their story.

We provide a digital platform, virtual showroom, full logistic service besides creative direction and social media content production with an international point of view approach, so that brands have all the services they in one single place under the same management. The Skep Room also plan, negotiate and manage collective pop-ups, pop shares and smart activations that focus on branding and customer loyalty, in addition to sales.

This is designed to grow brands’ customer base and awareness, and simultaneously allow them to be discovered by American communities and visiting international audiences. The unique curation of The Skep Room is all about innovative, contemporary and global design emerging from Latin American brands who have rich cultural backgrounds and are inspired by it, but don’t let it restrict or define them.

At the same time, as a showroom, brands at The Skep Room will have the full support of SKEP360 behind them to attend B2B and B2C needs in various ways and it will guarantee them access to all services and expertise available through a cooperated and combined structure. We will fulfill all handling and distribution matters by creating individualized wholesale strategies tailored for each brand, managing logistics as brands expand in American and International markets, and proposing and producing participations at Digital Trade Shows when appropriate. We also represent the brands with VIP clients in order to facilitate appointment requests and have products readily available for exclusive stylists pulls, press needs and celebrities; this will allow us to function as a brand-oriented PR- maximizing opportunities, expanding networks and multiplying exposures.



The capsule collection curated by The Skep Room, with the appropriate product mix for the international market and a careful look at the production capacity of the cured pieces, reduces the risks of not converting these initial marketing actions into sales so that it transforms this initial investment into a sustainable investment keeping the focus on organic growth in the international market, but with planning and consistency.

The brands have SKEP360’s full support to attend B2B and B2C needs in various ways, such as handling wholesale demands, PR related arrangements, creating the brand’s American narrative and outlining the best strategy to follow so we can successfully execute this international expansion.